New mentoring option available!

The Society of American Archivists’ Mentoring Program is happy to announce the pilot of a new Self-Service mentoring option for the community. Inspired by the Digital Library Federation (DLF)’s Forum Mentors, Self-Service mentoring will be a hybrid in-person/online opportunity held during SAA’s annual meeting for archivists to easily connect and get specific, short-term practical guidance. The pilot will use Appointlet to create online listings of mentors for prospective mentees to review and select a time to connect–either in person or online during the SAA annual meeting. You take it from there. We’re here to help if needed, including reserving a space at SAA’s annual meeting for you to utilize.

Designed to complement the Mentoring Program’s one-on-one mentoring and mentoring cohorts, the goals for this pilot project include: expanding opportunities for mentoring, providing timely wisdom and advice, and expanding opportunities for networking. 

Interested? Sign up to be a Self-Service mentor by submitting this application. Need more info or have questions? Please feel free to contact us at

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