Meet Your Key Contacts: Jenn Parent

Archivist Jenn Parent next to in-progress processing of the Lear papers.

This post is from Jenn Parent, Project Archivist, at The Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA. She is the Key Contact for the State of Washington (District 9).

What do you most enjoy about being a Key Contact?

Interacting with students, even if it’s just an email or two. They reply most often to my initial email and are so excited and have great questions. It really reminds me of my own enthusiasm for the field.

What have you learned from your work thus far?

By helping answer questions from new members, I’ve often had to do a bit of digging to find things I wasn’t aware of (for example, if there’s a roundtable or interest group for a specific topic) so I have a better understanding of SAA and what it provides.

Why did you become a Key Contact?

I wanted to help and participate in SAA beyond just being a member. I thought being a key contact would be a great introduction to SAA and service roles, as well as a fun way to network.

What would you tell those considering becoming a Key Contact?

I say go for it. It’s fun to reach out to folks and welcome them on a more personal level. It’s also  a great chance to get to know folks in your area. Some folks reply and some don’t; some folks email off and on, though most don’t. The point is you should know it’s not a constant stream of communication; it’s more about you being ready and willing when it does happen.

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